Xin Wuku, AKA the Urban Ninja, and EMC Monkeys flip into ReactorCon

The man, the myth, the ninja. Xin Wuku and the EMC Monkeys are heading to ReactorCon 2012, located at Frank & Son in the City of Industry, CA.¬†Come check out the event as they’ll be performing stunts and selling merchandise. If you don’t know Xin Wuku and the EMC Monkeys, check out the videos below and be wowed.

Xin Wuku choreographed the action scene in this bad-ass Assassin’s Creed III fan film by Corridor Digital.

Here’s one of the first videos on YouTube featuring Xin as the Urban Ninja doing all kinds of crazy stunts and flips.

Xin Wuku was a gladiator in Season 2 of American Gladiators (2008) with the nickname of Zen. Check out his speed and strategy in the video below.